To Ask

”In the past, I would try to make myself feel humble,” says Maureen. “I would change my facial expression. I’ve had a new insight when reading Step Seven: humility is an action!

The Value of OA

When we pass the basket, we call it “the Seventh Tradition” because it represents how we feel about being self-supportinga. It’s more than a donation. It’s a barometer of our gratitude and our personal investment in our recovery.

Light Wash

“A glass that looks so clean when out of the bright light can actually be very dirty,” notes Paulette. When she agrees reluctantly in to be held up to the light, she says “It is shocking to see me as I really am . . . . but now I know what to do about it.” The answer is in the Seventh Step.

Step Seven Save

”I struggle so much with the character defect of pride,” says one OA member, “and I find the antidote in the Principle of Step Seven: humility.”

Tradition Seven: Strive to Give

“I took on service tasks to learn them,” Cindy says, ”not because I was already an expert, and taking on those risks taught me faith, trust, and new skills.”