Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi (APID) Specific Focus Workshop

This podcast features an Asian, Pacific, Islander, and Desi (APID) specific-focus workshop that was made open to visitors outside OA. The podcast highlights the experience, strength, and hope that APID members have to share within the OA Fellowship and to those outside OA who are still suffering from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors. 0:00–7:11Introductions … Continued

I’m Ready to Honor the Sad Little Fat Girl Inside

Jennifer’s childhood left her hungry for love, and that opened the door to an obsession with food. After thirty years of binge eating and diets another door opened: the door to recovery through OA. A year later, Jennifer can say, “I know I am worthy, and I want to nurture my authentic self and heal old wounds.”

My Fourth Step Support Animal

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this pet, or this person, in my life right now?” One of the joys of recovery is realizing there’s a reason.

Hope in Addiction

In this poem, Jacki asks Higher Power to be with her in moments both peaceful and painful.

Flying Up the Wrong Tree

A bird’s repeated failures reminds an OA member of the insanity of compulsive eating behaviors and how an outside influence is essential to arrest those behaviors.