All that I can ever ask
Is walk with me this day
Dearest God, you know my heart
Please give me peace I pray.

Let me be part of your world
Alive and all around
The birds, the breeze, the insects small
I take in every sound.

Yet as each day goes passing by
Sometimes I fail to see
And understand the gift of life
That you have given me.

Something to cherish every morn
Each day of every year
With hope to face life once again
And leave behind despair.

I don’t quite understand at times
The demons that I face
Nowhere to go but forward God
There is no other place.

The need for more when more just hurts
It’s hard to comprehend
I ask for strength to find your peace
And be free in the end.

Yes give me strength for peace at last
Please take away my pain
And let me be just good enough
To be whole once again.

by Jacki