Daily I fought with my dragon,
with weapons I’d forged from my will.
Daily my strength seemed to lessen,
while his seemed stronger still.

Daily he drubbed in battle,
then feasted on me, his prey.
Daily my life seemed so hopeless
that I wondered if I could stay.

By chance I heard of a meeting,
where people like me could report
On how they’ve dealt with their dragons—
so I went, as a last resort.

I sensed a power in that room,
though I sat in the back and passed,
Because my dragon would not come in—
and I felt I was home at last.

“He’s waiting outside, and I’m scared.”
“He’s feeding on me from within.”
“My dragon is ever-present.”
“We know, ‘cause you’re where we’ve been.”

And I thought, “If you really knew me,
you’d be scared: I’m a freak.”
Then they shared their stories and pamphlets
and showed me I wasn’t unique.

“Keep coming back and we’ll love you,
till you’re able to love yourself.”
“Take all your former behavior

and leave it outside on a shelf.”

I surrendered my weapons of will
and took up the tools they said “Use.”
Of course I would try this program.
I had all, and nothing, to lose.

I came to lose weight and then leave,
but sanity caused me to stay.
I pray that I never forget
the wisdom I’ve gained in OA.

I need it to do my footwork,
three times each and every day
As I sit down with my dragon,
and pet him, softly, and pray.

— Joe