How to find Overeaters Anonymous in your area or online.

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You can find OA in most cities across the United States and in more than eighty countries worldwide. Most groups maintain telephone directory or online listings under “Overeaters Anonymous.”
Many groups also place announcements giving a local telephone contact number in the community listings or in the classified section of newspapers.

If there are no public listings of OA groups in your area or if you need information about OA in other countries, check the website at or write or call the World Service Office, PO Box 44020,
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4020 USA, 505-891-2664.

The international headquarters for Overeaters Anonymous, Inc., the World Service Office, maintains up-to-date meeting directories, publishes OA literature, and provides a broad range of other services for groups, intergroups, national and language service boards, and regional offices throughout the world.

Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition pp. 208–209.

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