I just listened to a podcast posted by OA Los Angeles Intergroup about a woman who had two young puppies who fought. Their fighting really freaked her out, and she decided she was going to give them to someone to help train the puppies to control themselves.

Her sponsor asked why these pups were in her life right now and what it could mean, and she realized that the dogs reminded her of her parents who were always fighting. Gaining that insight unlocked something in her, and she was able to learn how to heal the relationship between the two dogs. At the same time, she was healing herself in program. 

He showed me how it was to be loved unconditionally and have someone care about me.

After I had been in OA for two months, I adopted a wonderful dog—but he was also “the wrong dog,” male and 110 pounds (50 kg)! He and I both had to be on a good food plan. 

This doggie was wonderful to me, he had my back and looked out for me all the time. At the dog park, he would go off and play but then stop and search me out. I always felt safe with this dog, and I loved him dearly. He showed me how it was to be loved unconditionally and have someone care about me.

During the life of this doggie, I worked on my Fourth Step about my issues with my mother. My mother was a good mother but she often didn’t have my back. She criticized me and tried to control me, even after I had grown up. This doggie showed me what I had missed by having someone in my corner. I think he came along at just the right time. I got a lot of love and that enabled me to let go of all my resentments towards my mother. And it allowed me to love her the way she needed to be loved.

I know now that if something is in my life, it is there for a reason: to do some work. Thanks for listening.