When I read another person’s story, a personal share, it reminds me I have a story as well, and I have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

I learn so much from others; their experience helps me get through my own. The stories help me look inside myself more and see and feel how much I can relate to others. Their stories remind me of the things I’ve done and gone through myself. They bring up the past and help me deal with what I am too scared to face on my own.

Stories from other OA members make me aware of my own—admitting and being honest, open, and willing to share it with another. I can face reality because pretending doesn’t take me far; it doesn’t last.

A sincere share can last a lifetime because it is not just a story. It is feelings: pain, sadness, anger, confusion, and uncertainty. It is real.

I feel more prepared to deal with different situations. Paying attention and being more alert helps me have a plan. My Higher Power speaks to me through other people, and that is why I appreciate Lifeline stories. I get practical life messages from them.

Anything can happen, but my program and my Higher Power are with me at any moment. Keep coming back and keep sharing! Thanks for letting me share, and thank you for your share!