Stories From Others

Naomi expresses how valuable it is to her recovery to hear the recovery stories of other OA members.

You Might Like the Thrill

”I let it flow from my heart, and God is my cowriter,” says C.D. Indeed, writing is a powerful OA Tool.

Uplifting Thoughts With Lifeline

Cynthia explains how the different perspectives in Lifeline can broaden one’s recovery and offer opportunities to give service.

Lifeline Keeps My Attention on Recovery

For Crystal, Lifeline can fill in the blank spaces in her day that might otherwise be filled by eating. Lifeline can also be a good fit for an OA member with ADHD.

Try Writing

Once Donna understood that writing to Lifeline helps others, she was able to overcome fear of not being good enough, a fear that was keeping her in her disease of compulsive eating.