Hi, I’m C.D. When I came into OA in the mid-1970s, sponsors gave their sponsees assignments or topics to write about. They encouraged sponsees to read at meetings to help the newcomer open up and share in front of the group.

Today if we write something—trace it, face it, and erase it—and our sponsors ask us to share it, why not submit it to Lifeline? I write to uncover my feelings and help myself, but the Tool of writing also helps our Fellowship.

Many times what I write feels God-inspired because I feel like I am in a meditative or trance state while writing, getting out of my own way and not censoring the flow of thoughts. I let it flow from my heart, and God is my cowriter.

Perhaps that is why Lifeline articles are messages of hope, strength, and recovery for me. Once, I even happened to read an article of my own that was published years ago and got the message I needed now!

I encourage sponsors to become acquainted with the Contributor Guidelines for Lifeline and then share in writing, imagery, audio, or even video. Then you can share this experience with the newcomer.

Try it. You might like the thrill of carrying the message in this way.