I read Lifeline when I’m waiting for my medical appointments. I get so much out of the stories; I feel relaxed and don’t notice the time. I get into the stories and keep my mind off the other people in the waiting room. I used to ruminate about what the doctor’s staff should or shouldn’t do. Reading about recovery keeps me out of the negative. After each story I say to myself, “Thanks for sharing.”

I read Lifeline when I ride public transportation, fly on a plane, or lie on the beach. Lifeline recharges me.

I sometimes forget about the Steps and Traditions, so I enjoy reading stories about them. I love the Ask-It Basket. I haven’t understood some things I’ve seen or heard at meetings, and Lifeline explains them.

My name is Troy, and this is my first letter to Lifeline. Our group conscience decided we would have a Lifeline writing meeting once a month, so this will not be my last submission.